Monday, August 25, 2008

Utter chaos

For those of you imagining that we are living in the lap of luxury, let me just put that myth to bed. Yes, we did move into the condo and had a few short days of peace and quiet. Then the carpenters and painters moved in. Their two week project has turned into four weeks, but we knew that would happen. Turns out working eight hour days is just too strenuous for these guys. However, when they are finished, we will have crown moulding, casings around all the doors and painted walls. I know, you probably thought like we did that this should be included in a newly constructed condo. Wrong!!! So we are living with the construction mess and while I am trying to be a good sport, I have had my moments of despair. The photos tell the story and I am only showing you the rooms that look the best! Soon, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but soon we will have a place for you to stay.

I'm so glad when Meredith comes home, glad as I can be

Meredith came home for her break between semesters and we had the best time together. We explored the thrift shops in the East Village, checked out the craft and accessories shops in the fashion district, visited the Frick Museum and the Guggenheim Museum, sat in Central Park, shopped, and ate food from the street vendors. It was all great. We worked on a couple of projects and spent time in the media room of our building avoiding the painters and carpenters. We loved having her at home.
Paul was able to take a couple of days off while she was here and we had even more adventures. We rode the carousel in Central Park, watched the Dark Knight (very dark, I might add), and rode the train to Coney Island. We didn't have a hot dog eating contest, but we did visit the site of the annual 4th of July event and of course we had to have a hot dog. What is it about hot dogs that makes them taste so good? We also knew that we couldn't leave Coney Island without riding the Cyclone. This is one of the oldest roller coasters in the country and according to Meredith one of the scariest rides she has ever been on. Perhaps a ride that discourages you from riding if you are pregnant, have heart trouble, have ever had back or neck trouble, and don't like being thrown around like a rag doll, should be avoided. We chose to ride. And while it was scary and we did get thrown around and were stiff and sore for several days after, we loved it! And we loved having Meredith at home for a few weeks. Thanks for a great time.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New York State of Mind

In the last month we have had eight visits from friends and family and we feel grateful that some of those fit into both categories. You decide where you fit. Each set of visitors has inspired us with their enthusiasm for sightseeing and making the most of their time in NYC. Paul's sister Susan and her family had just two days in the city but managed to take in the Staten Island ferry tour, walk through Chinatown and Little Italy, catch the lights at Time Square, with time to spare for swimming at the hotel. The next day they arrived to say "hello," park their car and hop on the train to get to Yankee Stadium for a tour of the ballpark and ball game. They were gracious enough to delay their five hour drive home to have dinner with us so we could all catch up and it gave me a good excuse to buy cupcakes from the Buttercup Bake Shop. Other visitors have taken in Broadway shows, walks through museums, more baseball games, and tours of the city, etc. This past weekend Sam and Jolene Bodily introduced us to a new way to see Manhattan. They rented bicycles and rode from our home at 70th down to Ground Zero, to the Brooklyn Bridge, through some of the sights in Brooklyn, back across the Manhattan Bridge, up to the United Nations and across Central Park back to our place. That was just the first day! The second day, they biked from here up into Harlem and back. It must be mentioned that they also took time out to go to church with us, visit several museums along the bicycle route, take us out to dinner a couple of times , have lunch with other friends, and we still had time for some nice, long visits while we stared out the windows watching the boats float by on the river. They were kind enough to leave all their maps and rental information behind for future visitors who are so inclined. I have only known New York as a tourist so on the days when I have to clean or do laundry, I have to remind myself that I am not on vacation anymore. I LIVE HERE! Wow, it still amazes me. (Photos include the Gates Family--Richard, Susan, Sam, Will, Emily & Rachel Sam and Jolene Bodily-in front of the Dakota where John Lennon was shot. Not their most exciting adventure in the city, I might add)