Friday, June 1, 2012

A curious mind

I bought some heavy cream at the Trader Joes today and was asked by the enthusiastic checker, "whatchu you gonna make with that heavy cream?"  When I said au gratin potatoes she just nodded her head and then replied, "Did you know you can make butter with heavy cream?"  When I nodded my head she said, "One day I decided to look up the recipe for butter.  I don't know why, I was just curious how it was made.  And do you know the recipe for butter is just heavy cream?  I said to myself, 'Girl, you have to give that a try."  So I put it in a jar and shook it up and I had myself some creamy butter.  It was amazin!"  You just can't walk away without a smile on your face after a conversation like that.  Thanks Trader Joes' checker for making my day. 

How soon it becomes late.

A Thoreau quote seems appropriate for this blog entry.  Paul and I have been in New York City long enough to require us to renew our library card.  I stopped in to get it done today and was informed that we are renewed clear through 2015!!  But then I began to think it through.   Our first card was good for four years so I am wondering why we got a reduced sentence.  Looks like we are going to need to be on our best behavior for the next three years so we can get back on the four year list.  That might require returning books on time, buttering up the not so nice librarian and speaking in our "library" voices.  I think we can do it.