Sunday, June 27, 2010

Piano Fun

Megan and Blake came to visit and FAO Schwartz was just the place to hang-out on a rainy morning. Blake had a wonderful time playing with nearly every toy in the store. He also demonstrated his great skills on the "big piano." Had they only stayed a little bit longer, Blake could have played one of the pianos that have recently been installed throughout the city. This is an arts project and pianos have been placed in random places all over the city. Paul and I stopped to listen to a performance at one piano placed in Lincoln Center. Anyone can perform and as we discovered, lots of people are willing if not able. If someone is playing a song you recognize, feel free to stop and sing along.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cycling in NYC

If you were so inclined, you could bike around the entire island of Manhattan and be on a bike path or dedicated bike lane nearly the entire way. With our recent purchase of bikes, Paul and I plan to take advantage of these beautiful bike paths. Just today we took our maiden ride along the Hudson and completed a 15 mile ride past the GW Bridge and back.
However, owning a bike in NYC isn't totally without responsibility.
Here are the NYC rules for bikers.
1. Cyclists must obey all traffic lights and signs.
2. Cyclists should yield to pedestrians
3. Cyclists may NOT ride on the sidewalk.
4. Cyclists must ride in the direction of traffic.
5. Use lights at night.
6. Wear a helmet--Even if you look totally geeky!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day

Fleet week coincides with Memorial Day each year. During the week, there are several ships that cruise up and down the Hudson and numerous fly-bys of helicopters and interesting aircraft. I was able to capture one of the ships that was cruising down past our building. The men and women from all branches of the military descend upon the city for a little R&R. Paul and I decided to take in the sights at Battery Park on Memorial Day. (The Battery is named for the artillery battery that was stationed there at various times by the Dutch and British in order to protect the settlements behind it.)Battery Park is also the place where you can take the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.
We visited a few war memorials and then sat and watched all of the people. Most interesting was a gentleman who was fishing off the pier. Paul started up a conversation with the guy and was asking if he had caught any fish. He claimed to have caught three or four 30 pound blue-fin tuna earlier in the day, but while we were watching him, he didn't have any such luck. He said the tide was low and the fish had already eaten for the day so they weren't biting. Guess we will have to get there earlier next time if we want to see him hauling in the big tuna. And if you are wondering, yes he does eat the fish he catches. Think I'll pass.