Monday, February 14, 2011

Sorry, cameras prohibited.

I want to say it was nearly 25 years ago that Paul introduced me to a singer named Michael Feinstein. Michael plays the piano and sings wonderful old songs and Broadway melodies. He opened a supper club in the Park Avenue Hotel, Loews Regency Hotel, and we have always wanted to go there. This year we made it our Valentine's celebration and went to hear Brooke Shields perform. Okay, I know what you are thinking, BROOKE SHIELDS?? You are right, she can't sing that well, but for some reason the whole evening was very entertaining. Her band was very good, she can tell a great story, and she sang some good songs---just not that well. The room is very intimate with seating for about 75 people. About ten minutes before the show was to begin a group of people walked in and there was immediate attention paid to them. They swept by our table and yes, I could have reached out and touched Joan Rivers. I was a little hurt that she didn't stop and at least criticize what I was wearing.
Sorry I can't document this with photos, but cameras were not allowed.