Thursday, January 10, 2013

Once you see the picture, you have to vote for Paul as the most thoughtful, clever gift giver of all time.  This is what I saw when I entered the living room Christmas morning-- my very own subway sign!  Please plan to make a stop if ever you find yourself on the Janhattan line. 

Swinging, Swinging, All the Day

There is a fortress at 66th & Park Avenue called the Park Avenue Armory.  It originally served as the headquarters and administrative building for the 7th New York Militia Regiment, known as the Silk Stocking Regiment due to the disproportionate number of its members who were part of the city's social elite. The building is known for detailed interior rooms that are furnished with ornamental woodwork, marble and stained glass depictions of moderately disapproved behavior.   The armory has been leased by a non-profit cultural organization as a center for unconventional works in the performing and visual arts, while maintaining and restoring the historic aspects of the building. 
Okay, enough history lesson now for the fun part.  One of the art exhibits in the armory that Paul and I visited over the holidays was the Swings exhibit.  The photo could not possibly capture the amazing experience nor can I adequately describe the sensation of swinging on this huge swing all the while watching this huge white piece of fabric swaying in the middle of the armory as if it were a floating, puffy cloud.  The swings, hooked up by ropes and pulleys were the engine that moved the fabric.  Trust me, this was a fabulous experience.  I think I may have drooled while swinging----and who doesn't?