Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus (has his) Day

That's right.  I am writing this on Columbus Day.  Recent books about Columbus don't shed as positive light on him as did our Social Studies teachers, but I will leave my opinions on that topic for another day.    There is a 20 foot statue of Columbus atop a column in Columbus Circle which is probably about 70 feet tall all together.  Recently as part of a public arts project, the artist Tatzu Nishi created an apartment around the Columbus statue so that the public could "discover" Columbus up close and personal.  We walked up six flights of stairs that were part of the scaffolding around the column and entered a fully furnished apartment.  The television is  playing CNN News, magazines are available for reading while sitting on the sofas and Columbus is atop a coffee table in the middle of the room.   The windows provide spectacular views of Central Park and Central Park South.    We had so much fun looking at the finer parts of the statue (made of marble, by the way) which cannot be scene from the street level.  Just another fun thing to do in New York.