Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No longer a stranger

Central Park has suddenly come alive with flowering trees and bushes and tulips and daffodils. Paul and I strolled down the lilac walk one Saturday morning and couldn't help but bury our noses in the fragrant blooms of the lilacs so reminiscent of what I remember about spring in my childhood home of Burley, Idaho. Wanting desperately to win the approval of an elementary teacher, I would pick some lilacs and wraps the stems in aluminum foil (thinking that was attractive) and present them to her before class started. I'm not sure but I think that is why I managed to be selected to play the coveted role of Sacajawea in our 4th grade pageant.
Back to Central Park. Something I recently learned is that it has 20 gates or entrances and each one has a name. For example, there is the Warriors Gate on the north end and the Artists Gate and Artisans Gate on the south end. Each gate was named to try and represent the people who would be using the gate to enter the park. The Children's Gate is at 76th and 5th Avenue. The Strangers Gate is at 106th and Central Park West. Having past our two year mark living in New York, it is so nice to say that we no longer qualify to enter at the Strangers Gate. I've been trying to find a complete list of all the gates to see which one best suits Paul and me. What I do know is that we no longer have to enter in at the Strangers Gate.