Tuesday, April 12, 2011

February 1 Paul celebrated his three year anniversary of living in New York. April 4 marked my three year anniversary. We have loved being here and look forward to a few more years in the city, although as Paul likes to say, "we will find someplace warm to grow old." Living in the city presents some unique challenges, but I am learning to deal with those. I am often asked the question, "what do you like most about New York?" I am sorry, there is not a short answer to that question. I love the neighborhoods in the city. I love that Mr. Tom at the dry cleaners knows my name. I love Central Park. I love bike riding in the city. I love that I know how to drive in this crazy city. I love that I don't have to drive in this crazy city. I love plotting out my trips on the subway. I love spring time in the city. I love living close to the temple. I love seeing friends on the street in the neighborhood. I love the old man who always waves to me when I walk to the gym and yells, "you're lookin' swell this morning!" I love discovering new shops. I love watching families navigate around the city. I love seeing famous people in my neighborhood. I love the views from my apartment. I love meeting Paul every night to walk home with him from work. I love that our grand kids love New York. I love the carousel. I love watching the boats on the Hudson River. I love our friends. I love having a doorman and a super. I love living in New York with Paul. Not a day goes by that I don't giggle and say, "I live in New York City!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Training

One way to survive the winter is to go someplace warm for a few days. Feeling the sun on your face and being able to run around without being bundled up is such a relief. Our spring training trip this year involved time in Austin with three of our families and then a week in Phoenix watching spring training baseball. Paul was able to connect with a few of the players from the past.