Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Top of the Met!

My new son-in-law Eric keeps me posted on many of the unique and interesting things happening in the city. Today I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the new installation on the garden roof (thanks for the heads up, Eric) of the Met, but I also got to see Michelangelo's first painting completed when he was about 13 or 14. The newly renovated American Wing is fabulous. And I have to admit, that rather than spend the $2.00 on the crosstown bus I walked home through the park and spent my bus fare on a hot dog-----I'm sorry, but they are so good!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Across the street from our chapel is a small park right in the middle of a large intersection. We crossed the street to walk home from church and saw a group of people sitting in a circle in the park square. At first it didn't register what they were doing and then we heard this wonderful ukulele music. About 20 people had gathered to play and sing together. We listened for about 30 minutes and were tempted many times to join in as they were singing "My Girl", "Route 66", "Houndog" and other oldies. There were older people playing and younger people playing, serious ukulele players and struggling ukulele players, all having a great time. It was enchanting.

Get me to the church on time!

June 12 Meredith married Eric Boam in the Manhattan LDS temple. They wanted to have a small, family wedding and that is what they got! Eric and his family spent the week before the wedding taking in the sights of New York. We loved getting to know them better and are so grateful to be sharing Meredith with them. We welcome Eric into our family with open arms.
It had rained all morning on Friday, but just as we were ready to go to Central Park for photos, the rain stopped and we were able to be outside without too much hassle. A dinner and a dance at Tavern on the Green finished off the day and we sent the happy couple off on their honeymoon.
Paul and I didn't expect to have the wedding bell blues, but they really set in once all the kids and grand kids had left. We know they need to go and build their own lives, but sometimes it seems kind of crazy that we aren't doing that all in the same place. We count ourselves lucky to have had so much family time in Austin and look forward to making that happen again somewhere, someday.