Thursday, March 22, 2012

For most families in New York, the most expensive vehicle they own is a stroller. The stroller must carry all the kidders, groceries, be equipped for all kinds of weather and still be small enough to fit into elevators and through apartment doors. The photo was taken of the "stroller parking lot" at church. Paul and I went shopping for a simple stroller to use when our grandkids come to visit. We picked out our $50.00 stroller thinking we had really splurged because we got the one with a nice basket underneath, a sun guard and it folded up nice and small and had a carrying strap. While waiting for our salesperson to finish the transaction we got caught up in a stroller demonstration being done for one of the higher end strollers. We watched this guy fold the stroller every which way, attach a bassinet and then a seat which could be raised and lowered to twenty different positions. We watched him attach weather shields and sun guards and baskets. We have purchased cars with fewer features. It was difficult not to succumb to the flashy colors and the "can't live without'em features" of the stroller that really did seem like it could take you to "infinity and beyond!" Cooler heads prevailed that day although we do find ourselves lingering outside the neighborhood children's store windows coveting the newest models of the city strollers.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Discovering Daffodils

Walking past Columbus Circle today I made an important discovery. Okay, maybe not as important as the one made by Columbus himself, but I discovered that it was spring in New York City. See photo as proof. Daffodils have come to life and the tulips cannot be far behind. We have survived another winter and our mild winter may be the proof everyone is seeking that there actually is global warming. Not once did the Hudson freeze over, we never had to shovel the walks at the church, only a couple of times did I stay in because it was too cold to venture out, and I don't think I ever said that I was tired of winter. But I'll take Spring and there is nothing like Spring in the city.