Friday, September 14, 2012


I'll never forget where I was and I am sure that you never will either.  I had just come home from my run in Austin, TX and turned on the news and heard Katie Couric say, "we have just been informed that an airplane has struck one of the towers in the World Trade Center."  The video made it appear as if it were just a small plane and perhaps the result of a pilot losing control.  It wasn't long before we understood the true cause and that it was no accident.  We remained glued to the television news that day and cried as we discovered the extent of the lives lost and the lives changed that day.  Little did we understand what it would mean to all of us and how it would change the world.
It has been interesting to talk to those who were in the city when all of this occurred and the changes they have felt as a result.  Each person has mentioned that it changed the way New Yorkers treated each other.  People became much nicer and neighbors reached out to each other in a way they hadn't before.  It is reassuring to know that out of tragedy, positive changes can also occur.
New York City has created some beautiful ways to remember  9/11 and honor those who died.  At dusk on 9/11 a tower of light that extends hundreds of feet into the air is lit and it stays on all night and slowly fades as the sun comes up.  This photo was taken from our bedroom window and you can barely make out the "pillar of light" that lit up our room that night and helped us remember.