Monday, June 10, 2013

New York State of Mind

Someone asked me if Paul and I had managed to keep our pledge to do at least one unique New York event every month.  We have actually been pretty true to our commitment to take advantage of all the city has to offer.  Last night we walked along the Hudson River on the greenway----you can't do that just anywhere.   In the last few months we have attended a couple of Broadway shows, supported the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, I hosted several women for lunch including an artist who goes by the name of "ultra violet/Isabelle Dufresne" (google her sometime, she is fascinating;  and I could only have met her in NYC), visited Grand Central Station for it's 100th anniversary, took three of our grandsons to the American History Museum, shopped at the Brooklyn Flea Market, taken advantage of riding the Carousel in Central Park several times,

and so much more!  We have now been in the city over five years and it never gets old.  I discover new things everyday as I wonder around doing my errands and exploring.  I am sorry if I sound sappy (and alliterative) but I do love this amazing city.

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