Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Neighborhood just got better

A year after we moved to New York the 2008 financial crisis hit and many stores in our neighborhood went out of business.   It has been exciting to see many of the empty store fronts return with viable businesses and what is more viable than a bakery?!  This little bakery is just one block from the house and sits next door to the Pinkberry which sits alongside the Starbucks, which sits next to the vegetarian place, which sits next to a small pizza place that makes a pretty good slice of white, which sits next to McDonalds.  Not fine dining, but a few choices when you want something easy and quick.  We actually don't frequent the McDonalds anymore.  We took Henry there and he threw up all night.  Seems like a pretty good reason never to return.  I stopped in for the "soft opening" of the Paris Baguette and was hoping for a baguette.  Turns out it is mostly croissants, turnovers, sliced breads, and sandwiches.  Maybe with the "hard opening" they will have the baguettes as long as your arm that you can slather with butter and eat all by yourself.

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